Medford Sprinkler System Maintenance Service

When you have plants throughout your landscape there is a responsibility to care for them. What do plants need to stay healthy and beautiful? Sunshine and water but watering them manually is exhausting. Irrigation systems that you have installed need maintenance and Affordable Lawn Care in Medford does that.

We can categorize sprinkler systems for lawn irrigation as surface only, localized to specific areas, drip type for slow steady watering and types include, center pivot, lateral, manual and sprinkle or low spray. Specific to lawn irrigation, the most commonly used is sprinkler irrigation. It’s worth mentioning that sprinklers can be found in industrial, agricultural, and residential types. We service residential and commercial sprinkler and irrigation systems in the Medford area.

Let our professional team of lawn care service experts help you with your sprinkler system and ensure proper watering. Too much water will turn everything yellow and lead to root rot and not enough water will lead to withered, brown and eventually dead plants and grass. A properly functioning sprinkler or irrigation system will make your landscape look lush and attractive giving your property that highly sought after curb appeal. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our affordable lawn care specialists in your neighborhood.